Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rusty Blackbird Lino - Color 4

Rusty Blackbird and Carolina Wren. Reduction Lino by Ken Januski

I'll most likely jinx myself by saying this but so far this lino is going pretty much as I planned it, way back in January or February when I did the first watercolor of the scene. The newest color is the deep burgundy of the vertical Poke stalks. It's a bit darker than I intended but that may change with the addition of other colors. On the ink slab it was a purple that looked like it could just never work.

There are still all sorts of things that can go wrong with this print and that seems always the case with reduction linos, especially ones that use more than one block. But they also allow for some pretty rich colors and that's one of the things that I'm going for here.

I'm sure that the biggest problem will be when I print the black block. Most likely I'll try a proof tomorrow to get some idea as to just how it will look once the black is added.

Many printmakers talk about the surprise of the process. And that's exactly what I look forward to once I proof the black. What will it look like? Better than I ever could have envisioned? Or much more likely, telling me I have a lot of repairs ahead.

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