Saturday, February 23, 2013

February Backyard Warbler

NashvilleWarbler on Bean Trellis. Watercolor by Ken Januski
Nashville Warbler on Bean Trellis, 02.24.2013. Ken Januski

Nashville Warbler on Bean Trellis, 02.24.2013. Ken Januski

It's sad to say that our small urban backyard seems to have gotten worse for birds over the years, even with a lot of native plantings. I think this is probably due to the continued cutting down of large old trees in the neighborhood. In any case we rarely see much in the backyard especially in the winter.

So it was a great surprise to see this bird in the drizzle today. It was with some House Sparrows but noticeably smaller.  There really wasn't much doubt it was a warbler. These are bad photos, shot through the kitchen window of a bird that stayed in one place just for seconds. He's been back a few times and I hope for better looks and photos. But for now I'm posting it online hoping that some of the readers of the PA Rare Bird List will agee that it's a Nashville. I can't really see it being anything else.

Hopefully I'll revise this later with better photos  and perhaps a sketch or watercolor. He didn't come back but I did do a quick watercolor based on one of  the photos that is now at top of post. I'm still hoping to see him again tomorrow.

Since posting this I've read that Nashvilles are very early migrants that use the Mississippi flyway. I wonder if there's any chance he was flying there and got pushed over here by huge storm of recent days?


Al Guarente said...

Looks like a Nashville to me

Ken Januski said...

Thanks Al. That seems to be the consensus. I really didn't see how it could be much else but I always like to check with the experts of PA Rare Birds with an unlikely sighting like this.

He didn't return today, at least that we saw but I'm hoping he'll still be here tomorrow.