Monday, July 21, 2014

In Case You Missed David Sibley's Free Library Lecture

Immature Wood Duck and Gray Catbird. Ballpoint Pen Field Sketches by Ken Januski.

you can see a video of David Sibley sketching that reminds me thoroughly of that lecture. The short few minutes in this video aren't equal to his lengthy lecture but I think are enough to  give you a very good feeling for how he works. I ran across it today and greatly enjoyed seeing it.

I don't work with the same goals as he but it's still very easy to appreciate his work and his discussion of his methods. I highly recommend it and recommend even more seeing his full presentation if it comes to your neighborhood. It's informative to both birders and artists.

Today, the day after posting, I did a bit of field sketching along the Wissahickon near our home. Since I hate to post without an accompanying artwork I'm adding this field sketch a day late, even though David Sibley had nothing to do with it. I assume no one will be confused.

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