Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Valley Green in Pastel

After sleeping on it I decided to go back into yesterday's pastel of Canada Goose, Graylag and Mallard at Valley Green. Though I really liked the white undeveloped area something told me that I ought to keep developing it just to see what it looked like. There was also the possibility that I was afraid to ruin a good start with continued work. So that is always the dilemma: are you quitting because it really is done or because you fear ruining a good start? The answer is never clear, certainly not to me anyway!

By the way this is more or less exactly the way the geese and mallard were grouped. Because the Valley Green section of Wissahickon Creek is accessible by car it gets a lot of visitors. So the geese and ducks just hang out, waiting for handouts.

But I'm happy with it and happy I continued work on it. At the same time I do have an almost visceral reaction to works that seem too finished, at least if they are my own work. So I'm sure this dilemma will not go away

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