Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finished(?) Acadian Flycatcher in Pastel

This improvisatory drawing of an Acadian Flycatcher may be finished. It is certainly finished for an hour or two. My tendency as an artist is to just launch into activity and see what happens. I like working that way and probably can't work any other way. But sometimes it gets me into trouble! A little more thought and patience might be useful.

So over the ywars I've learned that even though I may work in a fevered flurry it's best to take a break before I destroy something good because I'm working too quickly. So for now this sits.

It's not quite as bright as yesterday's drawing but I think it looks a bit more realistic. Anyway I'm sure I'll have a better opinion on it after letting it sit for a bit.


Pam Johnson Brickell said...

I like the depth and really get the feel of the flycatcher looking over its shoulder. Nice!

quarksparrow said...

Lovely, summery piece. Don't touch it -- it's perfect as it is!

Ken Januski said...

Thanks so much Pam and Jo,

I wish I'd seen your comments before I went back to work on this. I do think you're right Jo that it was a nice summery piece.

I'm afraid that I may have lost a bit of that in trying to unify the distant background. I worked on it a few more hours yesterday and then two more today. But it's best to leave it for now I think.

Hopefully the next time I look at I'll realize that I've gotten back that summery feeling that it had originally.