Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doodling with Mozart

Today is Mozart's birthday so the local classical and jazz radio station, WRTI, is playing his music all day. It was a welcome accompaniment to my sketches of Dunlins and Greater Yellowlegs, most in flight, at Heislerville WMA. These and all the sketches here are based on photos I took over the last year.

I use doodling in the title here because although these are studies as well and try to be accurate they're also a type of subconscious artistic stretching. I draw what I see but in the back of my mind I'm exploring what might be done in more developed works with the various birds I sketch.

Included are Dunlins, Greater Yellowlegs, Common Eiders and Scoters, Coopers Hawks and a Brown Thrasher. They were done over the last week.

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