Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pushing Paint Around

When I was a child I did my first oil painting, probably based on some very cheap beginner set. But it didn't work the way it was supposed to. The paints stayed wet and when I went to put one color over another I got a big mess. I hated oil paint as a kid.

When I went to art school I painted in both acrylic and then later oil. By then I liked the fact that the paint stayed wet. It gave me far more flexibility and let to all sorts of interesting effects.

But since we moved to our house almost 20 years ago I have not painted in either acrylic or oils. I took up watercolor about six years ago at the same time I started drawing and painting birds.

I've been happy with watercolor. But you can't push paint around the way you can with oil and acrylic. You have to be more thoughtful about the first marks you put down.

Since I've gotten comfortable with painting and drawing birds I've had a desire recently to try acrylics again. Today I did.

This is a small 12x18 canvas. It's based on the ball point pen drawing from a week or two ago. I'm sure I can find ways to improve this, if not ruin it. But for now I'm just happy with the fact that I can push some paint around again. It's a thrill.


Kelly said... this! I haven't painted with oils since 1978 in high school! One of these days I'll try again...

Ken Januski said...

Thanks Kelly,

As you can see from my newest post I liked it but didn't really love it.'s changing, and changing, and changing.

Hopefully you'll still like it when it's done. I do have high hopes but it's been a struggle. And I think will continue to be one for awhile.

Eventually though!