Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do You Miss the Snow?

There are thousands and probably hundreds of thousands of blogs that are full of photos, some ordinary, some extraordinary. But I very consciously try to avoid them and present something more unusual, like drawings and paintings.

Nonetheless I don't always have time to render an interesting scene in pencil or paint. Today we're finishing the dig-out of our second 2 foot plus snowfall this winter. The accompanying photos show our backyard. The 3 foot drift on one of our lawn chairs gives you some idea of the size of the drifts. The other photo shows even taller drifts though they might be hard to see. The clean bird feeder and paths through the snow are thanks to my wife Jerene who is always quick out the door to take care of local animals.

In any case I realize that not all readers of this blog are currently living in wintry areas. So for those who actually miss snow I offer these photos. I should add that I love snow myself. It is a bit of a pain in the city but that's a small price to pay for the beauty that it brings to a landscape, not to mention the quiet it brings to a landscape, something always quite rare in a large city.

I'd love to include some bird photos or paintings but they've been rare. I think the combination of tree loss in our neighborhood and an increase in the number of our neighbors who feed birds has lowered our number. Normally we'd see some unusual birds in weather like this. But this hasn't happened for a number of years. I was however treated to some blue jays while digging out my car.

Perhaps later some birds will present themselves as subjects. But for now these will have to do as illustration of Huge Snow Number Two.


Ellen Snyder said...


We could use some fresh snow up here in New Hampshire. Nothing since before the heavy rain a few weeks ago, so everything is packed and icy. Send the next storm up our way. This one went out to sea before getting to New England. Thanks!

Ken Januski said...

Hi Ellen,

Well supposedly we're now scheduled for another 12-18 inches in next 36-48 hours. I'll see what I can do to have it move quickly through here and move up your way!

I think both storms have come up from the Carolinas. I wonder if storms that come from the SE stay close to the shore and never actually touch much of New England. Something for me to investigate when I have some time.