Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hermit Thrush/Sandhill Crane Lino Continued

Above is the result of my 3rd day of carving the new linocut. I need to be very careful from here on out. It's so easy to overcarve, to get too much variety of pattern, mark and tone, to lose a simple design. I have a very hard time not wanting to do just one more thing, which of course leads to another, then another, etc.
The close cousin of the Hermit Thrush, the Veery, was very much in evidence today as I walked along the Wissahickon. It's hard to believe but they won't be here all that much longer. Time to enjoy them, the Wood Thrushes, Acadian Flycatchers, et al. that are my constant companions as I walk the Wissahickon.

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