Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Such a Lot of Junk

Ah, you thought I was talking about some current art show weren't you, one that relies all on words, but has nothing for the eyes, or maybe even the soul? Or maybe I've just been wondering why I pay for cable TV?

No, this junk I didn't even know existed until I took a look at a photo I'd taken of Semipalmated Plovers at Heislerville WMA last month. I'd also done some field sketches and thought I might use both to come up with ideas for a more developed sketch. But imagine my surprise when I noticed that the camouflage-like background of the birds was primarily muddy, broken bottles.

Such a juxtaposition of beauty and ugliness. So yesterday I did a quick pen sketch to which I added watercolor. It did get the sense of camouflage but the birds were largely lost. Still it seemed like it could make a good painting.

So today I decided I needed to do some studies of the birds. Thus this 15-minute watercolor sketch of one of them.

I'm happy with it, though less happy with yesterday's quick sketch. I hope eventually to do a more finished watercolor of this theme that incorporates the beauty of the birds, the sense of camouflage and the surprise of the muddy bottles.

We shall see.

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