Monday, May 21, 2012

BBC Wildife Artist of the Year 2012 - Finalist

Last year in early May our exciting visit to 'The Biggest Week in American Birding' at and around Magee Marsh in Ohio was made even more exciting when I received an email saying that I was a finalist in the 'International Artists' category for BBC's Wildlife Magazine Wildlife Artist of the Year. There was a bounce in my step as I lugged all my birding and sketching gear around Magee Marsh!
I had noticed that many people had announced their finalist status on their web sites. But I didn't want to jinx a good thing, nor come afoul of an etiquette I might not be familiar with, so I didn't announce my finalist status online until the final judging date was long passed and I hadn't heard from BBC. At that point I was happy to advertise that I'd been named a finalist.
This morning I got another surprise email - I'm a finalist again in the International Artist category! If you do a quick web search you'll see that a number of others have been as well, somewhere over 100, and many have announced it. So I'm less hesitant this year to say that I'm again a finalist, this time for one of my favorite linocuts, 'Ten Terns', seen above. I think it represents me fairly well as an artist.
Final judging will be this week. I'm hoping for the best. Here is a link to the 2011 winners, complete with their work. By the way this has been a good week for 'Ten Terns'. It's also featured in Wildlife Art Journal's Gallery of the Commons. At the moment this article is available to everyone but it may change back to being available only to subscribers at some time.


Ellen Snyder said...

Terrific Ken -- good luck!! Ellen

Ken Januski said...

Thanks Ellen!

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Fascistic, Ken" best of luck. This is a great piece :)

Ken Januski said...

Thanks Pam! I think either you were tired when you wrote this or you have a spellchecker with a bad sense of humor? We happened to watch 'Civilization: The West and the Rest' last night and it showed some Carolina scenes and I had to think of you.

It has been a long road to some sort of recognition for my naturalistic work. But well worth it. I've never had any doubt about it being the right decision when I switched from abstract to naturalistic back whenever it was.

Gabrielle said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is so wonderful! I'm so happy for you. We all know we shouldn't rely on outside approval to know we're doing the right thing, but it IS nice to hear!

Ken Januski said...

Hi Gabrielle,

Thanks a lot! And you're absolutely right about outside approval. We know we shouldn't rely on it and would probably all give up if we did, but it still is very nice when it happens.

I'm glad you dropped by because I've been meaning to leave a comment on your blog wishing you good luck with your move. I'm sure it's hectic and has all sorts of logistical problems but it is nice to be able to see new places. I still remember one of the photos of the mountains around your current home.