Friday, November 2, 2012

Three Honest Artists

Over my many years of making art I've always had styles of art that I liked much more than others. Not that my favorite styles didn't change drastically over time. But I also found that I always got surprised. I'd often see something in a style I didn't like and find that I liked the art nonetheless

Eventually I  found a common denominator. The art I liked, regardless of style struck me as honest. I can't define what I  mean by that or give  anyone else any clues as to how they might define 'honest' art. I hate to  think that the art I think  'honest' could be found 'dishonest' by others and vice versa. Still it may be true.

I mention this because after spending 4.5 hours yesterday  helping to hang the 3-person show, 'Wild at Art' opening at the Manayunk Roxborough Art Center this Sunday I left with the feeling that this was a very good show. Why? I think it is all honest art. Above are three works by Lynnette Shelley and two  of my own linocuts.

Above a view of a short wall that includes my 'Two Little Blue Herons at Morris Arboretum" acrylic painting as well as two recent watercolors of mine and two more works by Lynnette.

And finally four paintings by Melanie Fisher, with a deliberate nod to Charles Burchfield, and more of my own linocuts.

I apologize for the poor quality of these photos. Any attempt to photograph more than one single work runs into problems of inadequate light, distracting reflections on glass, and numerous other problems. In this case  the labels are still on work and need to be removed and transcribed onto price sheets. And some final straightening could be done.

But I  think it does give you a sense of what is there. It is, in my humble opinion, a collection of very strong work, all based in nature and particularly in animals.

Hope to see you there this Sunday. It's difficult to find wildlife or animal based art in Philadelphia. This is your chance.


Ellen Snyder said...

Hi Ken,

I hope you had a great art show over the weekend. The photos of the artwork looked great, especially your little blue herons. Let's hope that we have a great day tomorrow!


Ken Januski said...

Thanks Ellen. The show I think was very successful in what it looked like. Sad to say the turnout was fairly skimpy so that was a disappointment. But with many people trying to recover from hurricance, others working on election turnout, and some glued to their TV sets on a Sunday afternoon in fall I guess I shouldn't be horribly surprised.

But my feeling is always that you just make the best art that you can and then hope that someone sees it. I think the work of the three of us looks particularly good together.

I surely hope it's a great day tomorrow. The consequences are huge. I hope with all my heart that the election does not go to the party that felt that the bigger the lie the better the chance of getting elected. It's been a totally shameful campaign on their part.

Ken Januski said...

Speaking of a campaign based on lies as I did in my last comment I just happened upon this article that sums up my thinking:
The Real Loser: Truth.

It has been surprising how brazen the lying has been.