Thursday, November 8, 2012

'Wild at Art' - The Video

During  the hour before 'Wild at Art' opened last Sunday Brandon Lord Ross shot some video for a short film about the show and the artists in it. In the last 25 years or so I've been in two videos that I know of. I was a bit shocked by both of them, coming off as far more professorial than I'd really like. So I've been quite gun shy about video interviews for a good many years. But recently I saw one I liked by the artist Ewoud DeGroot Ewoud DeGroot at Wildlife Art Journal and it made me thinkg more positively about artist interviews/soliloquies.

Lynnette also spoke highly of a video that Brandon made for another show of hers. So I decided to give it a try. Now that I see the results I have to agree, professorial or not. Good work Brandon!

It's of course best to see the show in person. It's open Saturdays and Sundays in November from 10 to 4. But if you can't make it this will give you a good idea of the show and the artists.


Anonymous said...

Ken: I enjoyed watching the video, seeing you (!), and hearing you speak about your jump into figurative art, which was brave. I must say that I very much liked the abstract art you show from the old days and I still see in the bird linos the same really wonderful and personal graphic sense. Good luck at the exibition.

Ken Januski said...

Hi Swallows,

Great to hear from you! I've been negligent in following your blog because for some reason Google Reader doesn't properly let me know when there's a new post. So often I think there have been none when in fact there have. And I still get a large number of referrals to my blog from yours, old and moldy though my comments there are!

I have to say that video was 100% unrehearsed. I was vaguely expecting to answer questions though that was sort of silly on my part. In any case I just stood up and started improvising. I had great fears it would look far worse than it did.

I almost think doing the video was as brave as going to naturalistic art. Well not really. It's been over six years now and I don't have a single regret. I think that's the same thing I felt when I took my first college level art course a year or two after getting a BA in English: that it was exactly the right thing to be doing.

Thanks again for stopping by. Now my turn to pay a visit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have you make the trip over to the old Swallows blog when there's so little new material. Your comments don't deserve to go under with the posts and I'm not surprised some readers hurry over to your place as soon as they read them.

You were fine in the video. That it was unrehearsed added to its charm.

I gather there's a fight between Google and Wordpress. It is impossible to put a comment in your Blogger blog until, after much frustration and experimenting, one learns the trick. Let's see if I remember it now...

Un saludo de 100swallows

Ken Januski said...

Hi Swallows,

Never a bother to go to your site. And always worth rereading!

Speaking of Google's Blogger and Wordpress I started administering a WP site during the last year and that forced me to learn something about it. Eventually I started a new web site using it. But today I finally removed the ability to comment when I found over 200 spam comments from last few day!!

This seems true of a lot of IT with one vendor trying to sabotage the other. Seems sort of silly, especially to the user, since they both offer a lot. I'm just glad that I don't have to pay for either.

I do have to say though that there's a lot to be said for WordPress.