Saturday, August 7, 2010

Field Boxes, Part II

About a year ago I wrote of my experience with my new
Winsor Newton field box
. I never got any more comfortable with it than I was in that original post. In fact I was quite disappointed and stopped using it. Instead I now use a small plastic box, above, that I bought at the local Dick Blick store for about $5. I filled it with my most often used Winsor Newton colors. There's no room for a brush or water bottle so I carry them separately. But I prefer it to the WNFB setup.

So today after having already posted I changed the template for my blog and was checking on some of the links. Imagine what I found when I clicked on the link for the wonderful wildlife artist Bruce Pearson? A shot of the field box I have to assume that Bruce Pearson uses. Yes, I'm pretty sure that's a WNFB at the top of the page.

I normally wouldn't bother to write this type of light, newsy post. But any chance to introduce people to his work shouldn't be passed up. And I'll now have to take a look at that expensive, silly little box that I bought a year ago.

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