Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Green Heron Lino Color Four

Finally got to printing color number four on Rives Lightweight printmaking paper today. As you can see the color changed a bit from yesterday.

This print started out as an edition of 20. But as I've added colors that has declined to 10 at most. Problems  of registration primarily but also of ink that is too thick or too thin cut into the number of prints good enough for an edition.

Sometimes it seems like an awful lot of work. On the other hand when the edition is done and I like what I see then I see the work in a completely different light. Speaking of which, it was too late in afternoon to use natural light to take the photo above. Instead I used incandescent light and you can see both a yellow cast and the raking highlights caused by that artificial light. Perhaps tomorrow I'll take another photo in good light.

One more color, or so it seems at the moment.


Ellen Snyder said...

Ken -- I like the colors in this cut. I think one of your best, of course I am fond of green herons. I also like, in my eye, the somewhat tropical look. Ellen

Ken Januski said...

Thanks Ellen. I'm happy to hear that you like it. You're right also that there is a somewhat tropical look. I think that this is strictly because I tried to capture the lights and darks of the original scene. There were very strong lights and darks that you often get in full sun, especially in the middle or summer.

These days I'm looking for Green Herons in snow. They shouldn't be here but I saw one a couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow is the annual Philadelphia Mid-winter Bird Census so I'll be looking for him in particular. My guess though is that the colder weather of a weeka ago, along with partial freezing of the local streams, will have sent him further south.