Tuesday, January 8, 2013

That Ancient Green Heron Lino

It's hard to believe that it was less than a month ago that I posted the latest version of this, with color number three.  A lack of white ink, holidays, bird censuses and other things put this print on the back burner. It seems like far longer ago than a month.

In any case the white ink arrived yesterday and most of my holiday and bird count related activities are done. So today it was time to finally revisit this. This is on copier paper.Tomorrow I'll print it on the good paper that the earlier colors were printed on. Most likely the color will change a bit. But I'm quite torn on what color to use for the maroon/violet of the heron.

Additionally I'm going to next add what I hope will be the last color, black. So there are purplish areas here that I know will eventually be black. It's a bit hard to think this way at times. Still I'm almost always happy with the results.

But as usual I always wonder why I put myself through so much work!!!!

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